Womens' Fellowship


Thursday afternoons

... does anything happen at Victoria Baptist Church? Oh yes! At 2.30pm you’ll find many ladies finding their way to the Wigner Room so that they are seated for a much loved meeting at 2.45pm.

Many ladies?

Well, yes! There are usually around 35 - 40 of us and most have been regularly attending for a number of years because we find a warm welcome and we enjoy the friendships which have developed. There is however, plenty of room for more and new people quickly feel part of the family.

What! No men?

We call ourselves a Women’s Fellowship but we welcome lady and gentlemen speakers! And what a variety of speakers and subjects we enjoy! Sometimes there are picture shows of foreign lands – holiday trips, or Christian missionary interest. We also have some excellent musical presentations. For many of us the top favourite is listening to someone’s personal testimony of their own special Christian experience – it might cover how they first came to know the Lord Jesus, or how God had helped them in difficult circumstances of ill health, relationship problems, etc.

Inspiring subjects

We also hear about various Mission topics – at home and abroad. A recent one was from the Chairman of the local St Wilfrid’s Hospice. It was so interesting to hear about the origins of the Hospice movement, and the Christian-based aims of the superb care which is given. A new building is urgently required in Eastbourne, so our ladies raised funds for this project, with a sale of Home-Made cakes.

Not of our meetings would be complete without a “cuppa, biscuit, and chat”, so if you think that these Thursday meetings could be a blessing to you, please come along

– and be assured of a warm welcome.


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