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Welcome to Vicky Bees!

Hey guys ...

If you haven't yet been around long enough to go to school then you really must check this one out.

You get to play on some of the best toys, crawl over the the most sumptuous rugs, hear cool Bible stories and get live music thrown in too. All the buggies get parked in their own space and the parents get to do grown-up talk with each other. Gives us a bit of a break if you ask me.

Apparently the grown-ups pay 50p (whatever that is) and get vast quantities of hot brown stuff in cups (personally I stick to the squash). Mind you, they usually pinch most of the best biscuits before any of us can get our hands on them but we allow them to think we don't notice.

Given half a chance, they'll even let you make something. Card, crayons, felt tips, glue - you name it and they've got it; so if craft is your thing you can be sure to go home with a piece of fine art work.

Vicky Bees happens at 10.00am on Wednesdays and Fridays during term time but it's so popular I can only go once a week - boo hoo.

Anyhow if you want your dad, mum or carer to get you to Vicky Bees all you have to do is nag them to click here and squirt out a message

Pester power works. Trust me

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